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Like all innovators, we love a good challenge or a daring idea.
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Are you interested in exploring a health condition with our digital odor perception platform? Our team will work side-by-side with you to bring a clinical solution to life and push the boundaries of what digital odor perception can do in healthcare. Whether you're in the ideation stage or ready for clinical trials, the doors of Noze labs are open.
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How it works
how it works / how it works
2/Concept Validation

We determine the presence of odor biomarkers for the condition in the breath or skin, and model simulations for these biomarkers to sanity check the solution blueprint.

4/Clinical Validation

We work with you to establish a protocol, secure necessary approvals and implement a clinical study to build a critical mass dataset.

1/Problem Definition

We work with you to unpack the health condition, identify its relevant clinical states, and formulate a solution blueprint.

3/Empirical Validation

We test the dominant VOCs in our labs, build initial datasets, and train early AI models to empirically validate the solution blueprint.

5/Pilot Solution

We build and deploy robust, high performance models that align with the solution definition for more advanced clinical trials and regulatory approvals.

Problem Validation

We fully analyze the proposed task and its feasibility, working with you to understand the problem in-depth.

Solution Development
Internally, we set out to find the optimal solution through data collection, AI model training, testing and validation.
Solution Search
We present the POC (proof of
concept) to the client.
POC Approved?
& Delivery.
The final stage where we deliver the product or execute the solution in the real world.

Noze Labs in action

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