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Teaching products and spaces how to smell will transform entire industries. From medicine to manufacturing and from hospitality to food storage & supply, digital olfaction allows us to solve problems in ways that were impossible until now. And you can get started with it today.

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Here is a detection scent library that’s   currently available as turnkey solutions. If you’d like to discuss what Noze can do for you, let’s talk.

For indoor applications ranging from wellness in domestic environments to animal health in farm houses.

Range: 0.1–50 ppm


To monitor domestic emissions from barbecues, stoves, and burning scented candles.

Range: 0.1–50 ppm

Carbon Dioxide.

For applications ranging from domestic and commercial air quality to monitoring food freshness.

Range: 400–3000 ppm


Malodor detection at higher concentrations for domestic air quality and the hospitality industry.

Range: Low (0–1000 ppm), Moderate (1000–3000 ppm), High > 3000 ppms


Detecting a known carcinogen commonly emitted from furniture, wood products and adhesives, both in residential and commercial buildings.

Range: 0.1–2 ppm

Mold Risk.

A first-level screening to prevent mold formation and predict its potential presence in indoor environments.

Range: 1–10 scale

Nitrogen Dioxide.

Monitoring indoor NOx toxicity from automotive emissions and forest fires.

Range: 0.1–2 ppm

Tobacco Smell.

For indoor applications including domestic, commercial, and the hospitality industry.

Absent / Present

Virus Risk.

A predictive index that can help reduce indoor transmission risk and predict the probability of flu virus presence.

Range:  1–10 scale

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