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Hi. We’re Noze.
A team of humans teaching machines how to smell.

Since 2015, we’ve been obsessed with a tricky problem that has life-changing potential: digital odor perception. That obsession has led us to creating the world’s first commercially ready digital nose. A huge deal for a space that’s been notorious for false starts and crushed hopes. We are now on a mission to elevate human health by unlocking the digital sense of smell, because we know this technology will change the world as we know it.

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Adventures in digital olfaction.

Call it a journey or a rollercoaster ride, we sure have come a long way.
2017 & 2018
JAN 2020
JUN 2022
MAR 2020


The story begins with the idea to digitize the sense of smell by leveraging recent technological advances in material science and artificial intelligence. The seed is planted.


Learning that NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had a technology that could push us forward, we went knocking. Soon after, we secured a worldwide exclusive license for the patents.


We started building the first working version of our digital nose and almost immediately received orders for the prototype from two multinational companies on the other side of the world. It wasn't pretty. But it worked.


We spent most of those two years with our heads down, just focusing on developing our technology. Was it intense? Oh yes. But we sure did get a lot done. 


We were awarded our first patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for breaking new ground in chemical-sensing systems. For the curious types, it’s USPTO Patent #10386379B1.


Stratuscent (as Noze was called until 2022) was selected by BSH (formerly Bosch Siemens) to partner on developing a smart cooktop solution using the digital sense of smell. This has become an ongoing collaboration, and things are cooking nicely (literally as well as metaphorically).


We took to the CES stage and showed the world the platform we’d been building over the last five years. That day, the digital nose made its way into the mainstream. You could say we officially stuck our Noze into everyone’s business.


The world suddenly came to a standstill, paralyzed by an airborne threat. Realizing that our technology could make a difference, we decided to focus all our efforts on releasing our indoor air quality (IAQ) scent library to allow people around the world to monitor the air within their homes to stay informed, healthy, and safe.


A long time ago, in a lab far, far away, we got obsessed with the idea of digitizing the sense of smell and using it to change the world. We were Stratuscent then. A lot has changed, and with a big series-A in our pocket and even bigger plans than before, we chose a bolder, punchier name to match our spirit — becoming Noze.

The humans who make it possible.

Our growing team is a dynamic blend of trailblazers, thinkers, and innovators dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare diagnostics through digital olfaction. Meet our senior leadership team below!

Dr. Ashok Masilamani
CTO & Founder

Since founding the company in 2014, Dr. Ashok Masilamani has helped develop and secure patents for several groundbreaking inventions including the world’s first aroma monitoring application and the first digital olfaction-powered product—an AI-driven Air Intelligence Device. Ashok oversees the technology and engineering teams at Noze and leads the company’s efforts to revolutionize healthcare through the digital sense of smell.  Prior to this, Ashok worked as a deep tech CTO at Applied Nanotools where he orchestrated the development and shipment of cutting-edge products like X-ray lenses and Silicon Photonics chips. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and his Master of Engineering from the National University of Singapore. His undergraduate work was completed at the Madras Institute of Technology in India.

Karim Aly

Karim is dedicated to driving the company's vision of revolutionizing healthcare by equipping clinicians with the transformative power of odor-based screening and diagnostics. Under Karim's leadership, Noze has transitioned seamlessly from the lab to clinical applications, achieving a remarkable fivefold expansion in scale, and successfully securing over $20 million in capital. Prior to Noze, Karim established one of the first startup studios in Canada in affiliation with one of the country’s largest universities.

Dr. Mojtaba Khomami Adadi
Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Mojtaba Khomami Abadi is a recognized leader in the field of artificial intelligence, renowned for his pioneering work in emotion and personality recognition using smart watches and odor identification and quantification through artificial neural receptors. Mojtaba plays a key role in developing Noze’s proprietary machine intelligence solutions by spearheading efforts related to the understanding, design, and development of the information processing tools critical to the performance of Noze’s odor perception platform.

Dr. Jayan Ozhi Kandathil
Director of Sensor Development

Dr. Jayan Ozhi Kandathil joined Noze in its early stages and played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between advanced research and practical applications. His achievements include transforming patented technology from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory into an innovative healthcare product — a groundbreaking breath analyzer designed to screen for various health conditions.

Geoff Graham
Director of Medical Devices

Geoff Graham is the Director of Medical Devices at Noze. A leader in the field of healthcare technology and diagnostics, Geoff leads the Noze product team, which successfully created a prototype breath analyzer for early screening and diagnostics for use in clinical studies. Geoff and his team are now focused on integrating Noze's digital olfaction platform into medical devices ready for the market, which has the potential to revolutionize healthcare with early and accurate detection of health conditions through olfaction-based diagnostics.

Life-changing tech. Outstanding team. Unlimited smell-related puns. We love it here, and think you would too.

Join team Noze.

We’re building technology to change the world. There’s no way we could do it without a team of curious, brave, original and diverse thinkers.

If you like to use your brainpower on work that’s both exciting and meaningful, Noze could be the perfect place for you. Have a look at our current vacancies, and even if there isn’t a good fit, fill out our General Application: we’re always on the lookout for great people.

Noze team working in the lab.
Advisory board.

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Ashok Kutrupali

General Manager at Google

Ashok Kutrupali
General Manager at Google

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